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Ferris State University College of Pharmacy Student Webpage
P3 Orientation
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Information for Fall 2003

P-3 Fall 2003 Orientation

August 21, 2003


9:00am 12:00pm  - Kalamazoo - Western Michigan University Spindler Hall, Room 119


1:30pm 4:30pm    - Grand Rapids - Medical Education and Research Center (MERC), Room 505



1.                   Introductions and Contacts

a.      Faculty

b.      Staff

c.      Administration


2.                  Things you need to know

a.      Class schedule

b.      Parking availability

c.      Access cards/ID badges

d.      Building access

e.      Available resources

                                                              i.      Computer facilities

                                                            ii.      Photocopying/Printing

                                                          iii.      Library Resources

                                                           iv.      Kitchen use

f.        Instructional Facilities

                                                              i.      MERC facilities

                                                            ii.      KCMS facilities

                                                          iii.      Spindler Hall

g.      Student responsibilities

                                                              i.      Pop can returns

                                                            ii.      Maintaining classrooms and kitchens

h.      Use of WebCT and Ferris email accounts


3.                  Demonstration of Student Services Website


4.                  Program philosophies


5.                  The transition continues


6.                  Your questions


7.                  Tour


8.                  Library orientation         

                     (11 am - 12 pm KZ) & (3 pm - 4 pm GR)


9.                  ID Badge pictures


10.               Building access card registration and distribution

        Purchase of:         1. textbooks

                                      2. externship manuals

                                      3. photocopy/print cards

                                                        4. parking access cards

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