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Welcome!  Please take your time to look through the available information.  If you want to see something added to the website, be sure to contact your class president.

Calendar of Events:

---FALL SEMESTER 2004---
08/25 - 08/27  Late registration
08/02  Mandatory P4 Orientation
08/03  First day of fall rotatons
08/30  First day of classes
09/06  Labor Day (no classes)
10/09 - 10/13  NCPA Annual Convention (Boston, MA)
10/22 - 10/24  APhA-ASP Mid-Year Regional Meeting (Ann Arbor, MI)
10/25  Mid-term grades due
11/01  Assigned registration for current students
11/04  Last day for "W" grades
11/15  Open registration for former students/staff
11/25  Thanksgiving recess begins (no classes)
11/29  Thanksgiving recess ends (classes resume)
12/05 - 12/09  ASHP Mid-Year Clinical Meeting (Orlando, FL)
12/10  Last day of classes
12/13  Examination week begins
12/17  Examination week ends
12/18  Commencement
12/20  Final grades due by 9:00 a.m.

01/05 - 01/07  Late registration
01/10  First day of classes
01/17  Martin Luther King Day (no classes)
03/07  Mid-term grades due
03/05  Spring recess begins (no classes)
03/14  Spring recess ends (classes resume)
03/21  Assigned registration for current students
03/28  Last day for "W" grades (full semester)
03/24  Easter recess begins (no classes)
03/28  Easter recess ends (classes resume)
04/01 - 04/05  APhA Annual Meeting & Exposition (Orlando, FL)
04/04  Open registration for former students/staff
04/29  Last day of classes
05/02  Examination week begins
05/06  Examination week ends
05/06  Commencement - Congratulations Pharmacy Class of 2005
05/09  Final grades due by 9:00 a.m.

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