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We have just been notified of a great opportunity at Cedar Point, October 8-10, 2004. If we have good attendance (at least 20 people) and excellent performance, a $500 bonus would be added to the $3335 that we would make by working that weekend. I hope that this works out for us. Let any of the officers know if you are interested in participating. The park doesn't close until 10pm on Sunday, so it would be a late night getting back to GR and KZoo, but well worth it for all the money we would raise. I have let Dr. DeHoag and Dr. Klepser know about this weekend so that they are aware, but I don't know yet whether we have a test that next day. WE NEED OTHER FUNDRAISING IDEAS!!! (If this doesn't work out, but I think it can) We are also on a waiting list at Michigan's Adventure, so hopefully good opportunities will pan out there as well. We might try the fleeces or bags again and we also have some great T-shirt ideas.

We have been looking at locations for our banquet next year. Ideas passed around in Kalamazoo have been Rose Street Market, Radisson hotel, Bell's Brewery (if they would also serve liquor), and Airway Lanes (bowling, etc.) If you have any ideas of other places in KZoo or locations in GR that we can check out, let an officer know. We are going to try for a weekend in May (not graduation night, but sometime after classes are done for the non-accelerators so that all of us have completed our third year) in either Kalamazoo or Grand Rapids.

Our composite has arrived and was (and will still be in the fall) available in either the main office, Mandy's or Terry's office.

Please let me know of any other issues you would like discussed and any ideas you may have for the banquet and class gift.

Best wishes for a happy summer!

Stephanie A. Stiegler
President, Class of 2006

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