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Cedar Point Fundraiser
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Cedar Point Homepage

  • Proper grooming is a must, please see grooming guidelines for details.
  • No facial piercings.  No earrings for males.
    Maximum of two earrings on lower lobe for females.
  • Male hair length must be above the collar, covering no more than half of the ear.
  • A neatly trimmed mustache is only facial hair permitted for males.
    Shave Before Arrival, Please.
  • A single necklace is permitted, no bracelets other than medical.
  • One ring per hand.
  • No excessive jewelry.
  • Please wear a watch.

Dress for the Weather!

  • Please check the weather and dress accordingly.  Sandusky's zip code is 44870.
  • In warm weather, wear khaki shorts and a white t-shirt.
    Wear khaki pants on cooler days.  No jeans.
  • Your college or organization logo hats, sweatshirts and jackets are appropriate for warmth.  No off color language or logos permitted on these items.
  • Please wear white athletic shoes and socks.  (No sandals)
  • You will be given a uniform shirt to wear over your white t-shirt.
  • A $15 per shirt charge will be assessed for all shirts not returned at the end of the weekend.


  • Room assignments will be made upon arrival.  Males and females will be assigned to separate buildings.
  • Cedar Point does not have coed living arrangements.
    For security reasons, coed visitation is not permitted.
  • Bring a pillow, extra blankets if it is cold and an alarm clock.
    Sheets and towels are provided.
  • You may check into housing after your orientation or prior to 5:00pm.  You are not obligated to stay in Cedar Point housing.
  • Housing charges average $14 per person, per weekend deducted from donation.
  • Please show respect for other residents and property.  Bonus may be forfeited due to behavior in housing.


  • We offer balanced meals at our Cafeteria at reasonable prices.
  • Bring approximately $2 for breakfast and $4 each for lunch and dinner.  $10 per person/day.
  • This is a personal out-of-pocket expense.

You will be working the following hours

  • Friday: 2 hours after arrival for orientation.  You may enjoy the park once orientation is complet. (Park is closed 5/3, 9/6, and 9/13).
  • Saturday: Up to 16 hours per day.  Two hours prior to park opening for ride training, then until the ride closes for the day.
  • Sunday: Up to 12 hours per day.  You will work one hour prior to park opening until the ride is closed for the day.
  • Park operating hours vary throughout the summer.  Please refer to our website for more specific hours the weekend you are working.
  • Group members will be divided among the park's rides, average of 25 hours per person.
  • Specific schedules and ride assignments will be covered with you on Friday.

We are counting on you!

Safety is Number One at Cedar Point.  We are expecting alert, friendly and safety conscious volunteers.  Our Guests are expecting all rides to be open and staffed properly during park hours.  Our Guests are counting on you to be at work when scheduled and to complete your obligations throughout the entire weekend.

Thank you so much for volunteering to help us out!

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