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Michigan's Adventure Fundraiser
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Michigan's Adventure
4750 Whitehall Road
Muskegon, MI 49445
Park Info: (231) 766-3377
We still need 5 people to join us for the fundraiser.  Please contact Charlie or Tennille if you can help out the class!
Michigan's Adventure
Sunday, July 27, 2003

How does the program work?
The program allows your non-profit group the opportunity to raise funds in a unique way.  We utilize your group members in various positions to help facilitate the smooth operation of our park.  In return, Michigan's Adventure will send a check to your organization for the total hours worked by your group members.
Who can participate?
Volunteers must represent a non-profit organization and be at least 18 years old.  Service and church groups; community organizations; school and social clubs; parent booster groups; etc., generally meet this qualification.  Volunteers should be in good physical condition.  Each group will need to designate a group leader for Michigan's Adventure to use as a contact.  Upon arrival, all volunteers will be required to sign an agreement indicating that they are not expecting payment and all proceeds will be donated to your organization.
Do I need experience?
No previous experience is required.  You will be trained before you begin your assigned tasks.  Friendliness, courtesy and a positve attitude are the only skills required.
What should I wear?
Wear black or dark blue shorts with a solid-colored polo-style shirt.  The shirt should not have any writing, pictures, or symbols, unless it is your organization's logo.  Tennis shoes are recommended; sandals or open-toed footwear are not permitted.  Please keep in mind that you will be working on your feet.  Make sure that you are dessed comfortably.  Rain gear and sun block are strongly recommended.  Remember to bring your smile, it is the most important part of your uniform.
What should I bring?
We encourge group members to bring their lunch in an insulated container.  Michigan's Adventure does not provide lunch to volunteers.  Concession stands are not a good option due to time constraints.  There will be an area where your group members can store their lunches (non-refrigerated).  Please leave all personal belongings, including purses, at home or lock them in your vehicle during the day.  Michigan's Adventure is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
When should I arrive?
10:45 AM, July 27, 2003
Your group leader will be contacted by the volunteer coordinator at Michigan's Adventure.  They will set up your arrival time and the length of your work day.  Punctuality is very important.  Please contact your group leader for more information.  When you arrive at Michigan's Adventure, you will enter through the employee gate.  The employee gate is located at the Corporate Offices off Whitehall Road.  All volunteers will have to sign in and out with gate security personnel.  Volunteers are required to leave the park after their shift is over.
May I bring my children?
No.  Please consider bringing your children on a day when you can enjoy the park as a family.  Group volunteers are at the park in a position very similar to a Michigan's Adventure employee.  Volunteers will hae no access to guests in the park except to assist them.  Please do not treat your day here as a "bus trip."  Only volunteers will be allowed into the park at your designated start time.
What about breaks?
Volunteers will get a break for lunch.  Your break time will be assigned by the Michigan's Adventure manager who is supervising you.
How much money will our group earn?
Michigan's Adventure will pay your organization $7.00 per person per hour worked.  A check will be issued to your organization the week following your visit.
How many volunteers will be in my group?
We accept volunteer groups in size from 10 to 25 people.  The size of your group will be predetermined by your group leader and our volunteer coordinator.
Will all members of our group work in the same area?
All volunteers are placed in the areas where they are needed.  There is no guarantee that group members from the same group members from the same group will be working in the same areas of the park.
What if the weather is bad?
Michigan's Adventure is open during all types of weather.  Always bring sun block and rain gear.
Where will I be working in the park?
We will be utilizing volunteers in several areas of the park.  You may be assigned to food preperation, serving, or cleanup in the catering area.  We also use volunteers in the admissions, games and water park areas of our park.  Volunteers may also be asked to assist in maintaining the general cleanliness of the park.  So be prepared for an adventurous day!

Driving Directions
Directions from Grand Rapids / Lansing / Detroit
  1. Take I-96 West to Muskegon
  2. Leave I-96 West by taking exit 1B (Ludington) to change to US 31 North
  3. Leave US 31 North by taking the Russell Rd exit and go north (right) on Russell Rd
  4. At the first stop light, turn left onto Riley Thompson Rd
  5. The entrance to Michigan's Adventure is on Riley Thompson Rd

Directions from Kalamazoo / Battle Creek
  1. Take US 131 North to Grand Rapids
  2. Leave US 131 N by taking I-96 West toward Muskegon
  3. Leave I-96 West by taking exit 1B (Ludington) to change to US 31 North
  4. Leave US 31 North by taking the Russell Rd exit and go north (right) on Russell Rd
  5. At the first stop light, turn left onto Riley Thompson Rd
  6. The entrance to Michigan's Adventure is on Riley Thompson Rd

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