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Weekly Newsletter from your President

November 27, 2002
I am sure that most of you have left Big Rapids by now.  Everyone drive carefully and have a safe and happy holiday!  Below are a couple of important messages.  I will see everyone next week.
NON-ACCELERATORS - Final Exam Situation
The Friday Medicinal Chemistry 1 exam will NOT change.  There is no way of changing the exam without creating a domino effect with all of the rest of the exams, including the P1s.  The only alternative to the schedule we have been given is to use the University schedule, which actually puts multiples exams on a single day.  What we have is better than more than one in a single day, but I know it stinks to have to stay until Friday.  Nonetheless, we'll have a month off following that exam.
ACCELERATORS - Research Methods Elective
For those who are signed up for the Research Methods elective next
semester, I wanted to inform you of the book we will be using.  The book is
titled Basic and Clinical Biostatistics and the authors are Beth Dawson and
Robert G. Trapp.  It was published in 2001 by Lange Medical
Books/McGraw-Hill.  The ISBN is 0-8385-0510-4.  You can buy it through
Barnes and Noble or Amazon online ? the cost is approximately $50.  This
book also contains a CD-ROM with statistical software that we will be using
in the class.  The book is an excellent statistics and research design
reference and will be useful throughout your P4 year.  Countless times I
have had students ask me for a reference to help them with journal reviews,
case conferences and seminar topics.  This is the reference I would

Thanks, and I will see you in January.

Dr. Smith
Charlie Mollien
P2 Class President
Ferris State University

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