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Pharmacy Mixer
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Tuesday, April 8, 2003
9:00 PM at River Rock

(This event is not associated with Ferris State University.)
What is a mixer all about?
Think of it as a "MIX-er."  It is a way of mixing together groups of people in an environment outside of where you are usually associatied.  In our case, we will be mixing together first and second year students with hopes that you will meet new people and establish new friendships and become better aquainted with one another.
Where is the Pharmacy Mixer located?
The mixer will be held at the River Rock bar in Big Rapids.
From the corner of Perry Street and State Street, go north on State Street 1.5 miles.  At the 5th light, turn right onto Pere Marquette Road.  Go 0.2 miles; immediately after crossing the bridge River Rock will be the first gravel drive on the right side of the road.  There will be a sign that says Sawmill Point.
What goes on at a mixer?
A mixer is a completely social event.  Because the mixer takes place in a bar, there will be music (often a DJ is present), dancing, food and drinks!  Most importantly, TALK with your fellow students, hang out and meet new people.
Who is invited?
EVERYONE!  All students from the College of Pharmacy are encouraged to attend, but you are welcome to bring anyone you want with you (it's a public place).
How much does it cost to get in?
There is a $3.00 cover charge for all students of the College of Pharmacy.  Anyone else will be required to pay the normal cover charge for River Rock.  Anyone attending the mixer with you may also pay the $3.00 cover charge, just tell the bouncer at the door you are there for the pharmacy mixer.
Will there be any drink specials?
Of course, but you need to be 21!
9:00 to 10:00 PM
$1.00 Long Islands
     $1.00 Big Pitchers of Beer
     $2.00 Super Big Pitchers of Beer
     $1.00 Kamikaze Jello-O Shots
10:00 to 11:00 PM
$1.00 Shot & Pop
     $1.00 Tall Drafts
     $1.00 Long Islands
     $1.00 Kamikaze Jell-O Shots
11:00 to Midnight
     $2.00 Jagermeiser Shots
     $2.00 Peppermint Pattie Shots
     $1.00 Kamikaze Jell-O Shots